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​​ C​CC​hat


The FREE magazine on and around coercive control  

Latest Issue

To really understand coercive control, you need to understand how manipulators work 


Why read CCChat?

CCChat magazine is the only online magazine on and around coercive control and it is free to read.

As well as educating and raising awareness, ​

it is a platform where survivors can share their lived experience anonymously and where practitioners can share what they do, to increase understanding on abuse that is invisible in plain sight.


How it Started

Conference on Coercive Control was started by Min Grob in June 2015,

 as a result of leaving a relationship that was both controlling and coercive.

The first conference was held in Bury St Edmunds in October 2015 and, since then, 

there have been six national conferences as well as smaller events. 

CCChat started as a newsletter, before converting to a magazine in September 2017 

as a way of raising awareness and continuing the conversation between the conferences.

Living on Eggshells

In the Summer of 2015, a small ad was commissioned to promote   the first Conference on Coercive Control.

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