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Conference on Coercive Control 2018 - THE BRISTOL ONE   11th June 2018

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Why is coercive control so difficult to identify and evidence? How can we increase understanding of abuse that is hidden in plain sight? How can we recognise the red flags so we can walk away sooner? How can we learn where to look when there is so much misinformation?

This conference looks at abuse that falls below the radar.

Because that is EXACTLY where perpetrators want it.


Dr Karen Morgan is a Research Fellow in the Bristol Medical School, at the University of Bristol.  Currently, Karen is working on REPROVIDE, an NIHR-funded pilot trial of a domestic violence perpetrator programme, which is seeking to gather evidence as to the effectiveness of group programmes for male perpetrators. Previously, Karen was working on the Domestic Violence and Abuse Healthtalk module ( which provides a resource for women who have been in an abusive relationship, and for their families, friends, and professionals seeking to provide appropriate support.

Dr Emma Katz’s pioneering research investigates how children are harmed by coercive control (not only physical violence) in contexts of domestic abuse. Key issues for Emma are how children experience coercive control, how they resist it, and what helps them to recover. She has received international recognition and awards for her publications and talks, and her unique perspective is generating impacts on practice across the UK. Emma is Lecturer in Childhood and Youth at Liverpool Hope University.

John Trott retired from the police in 2016 as a Detective Chief Inspector in charge of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Public Protection Unit. He was responsible for the prevention and investigation of child abuse, domestic abuse and vulnerable adult abuse and was the Devon and Cornwall Force lead for Domestic Abuse, Stalking, Forced Marriage, Honour Based Abuse, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults/Adults at Risk. Additionally, he has eighteen years’ experience as a Hostage and Crisis Negotiator and Coordinator.

John is now the Director of AbuseFreeLife. He consults with and trains police and other organisations around the United Kingdom on Domestic Abuse, Coercion and Control, Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences, Stalking, DASH Risk Assessment and Honour Based Abuse.

Rachel Williams survived 18 years of domestic abuse. She was shot by her estranged husband. Rachel is an Ambassador for Welsh Women's Aid, Threshold - DAS and a Pioneer for Safelives. Rachel releases her new book The Devil at Home on March 8th coinciding with International Women's Day. Rachel will talk about the work she does supporting victims of abuse and will also be signing copies of her book.

Sophia Cooke is a PhD student at Cambridge. In 2017 Sophia found herself in the national press accused of lying about her ex partner assaulting her. Sophia has released a blog of her experiences and will be talking about how the system can be used to abuse a victim.

Sarah Phillimore is a barrister, site administrator of the Child Protection Resource and member of the Transparency Project, a charity that seeks to improve public understanding of the family law system. She has a particular interest in issues of freedom of speech and responsible use of social media, particularly by regulated professionals.

Alison Boydell

Alison Boydell is a co-founder of End Online Misogyny as well as JURIES, which she founded with the late Jill Saward.

Min Grob started organising conferences on coercive control in 2015. So far, there have been 3 national conferences and several other events as well as speaking about her experiences of coercive control or more generally. Min is especially interested in how coercive control and abuse hidden in full view can be identified on social media and is also the editor of online publication CCChat Magazine which looks at issues on and around coercive control.

Lunch and refreshments are included in the day.

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