The Law on Domestic Violence has  Changed.
Don't be left in the Dark                         raising public awareness, signposting and bringing professionals together

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The next conference is a collaboration with Certain Curtain Theatre Co who will be bringing award winning theatre to the audience.

Keynote Speaker:

Dr Lisa Aronson Fontes , author of coercive control book 'Invisible Chains: Overcoming Coercive Control in Your intimate Relationship' and well-known expert on cultural issues in child maltreatment and violence against women.

Professor Evan Stark, expert and author of 'Coercive Control'.

Dr Jane Mockton-Smith, author, criminologist and DHR chair

Mark Coulter of Mencentric Ltd

Ciara Bergman of DVIP

Alicia V Perry, Author, Trustee The Rainbow Project N.I., Ambassador Women's Aid N.I.

Laura Richards, Criminal Behavioural Analyst