The Law on Domestic Violence has  Changed.
Don't be left in the Dark                         raising public awareness, signposting and bringing professionals together

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 The Film

 "Living on Eggshells"  what it's like to live with coercive control

"Living on Eggshells" is a mini film created by Playhouse Films to introduce the Conference on Coercive Control. 

Actress Bernadette Lemon plays the victim of a controlling and abusive partner. 

She is on edge. 

He is due home and who knows what mood he'll be in ?

She can't relax. 

The anxiety creeps in. The dread of the key in the door, the fear of confrontation.

Flight or Fight? 

Not knowing where to go, what to do. Knowing that no one will believe her. 

Caught in the headlights. 


This is the reality of living with coercive control. 

 "Living on Eggshells" what it's like to live with a coercive controller

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