The Law on Domestic Violence has  Changed.
Don't be left in the Dark                         raising public awareness, signposting and bringing professionals together

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Next Conference date: 

6th March 2017

Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

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NEW SPEAKER: Laura Richards, 

Developer of DASH, Paladin National Stalking Advocacy Service

co-creator and co-host of Real Crime Profile.



Here is what experts said about the UK's first conference on coercive control held on October 6th 2015: 

'The Conference on Coercive Control is an opening salvo in this much needed dialogue and a great way to open Domestic Violence Month.'  

 Professor Evan Stark

'An entire conference dedicated to Coercive Control! This will be an amazing experience. Everyone in the fields of criminal justice, the law, mental health, social work, and domestic violence will benefit from attending. It promises to be an informative and exciting day and one which will widely impact the ability of people in the UK to help those who are held hostage in their intimate relationships.'              
Lisa Aronson Fontes PhD